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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mel, Alexis & Grandpa

We had such a fun visit with Mel, Alexis & Grandpa. It is so fun to watch Alexis and Jackson together. It is so funny that everyone in our family has really dark hair and the grand kids have blonde hair :)


Nick and Kirsten said...

hey jen - he's getting so big and is SO cute! aren't cousins the best? andrew loves his cousins. you guys coming up any time soon?

Brittney Paul said...

that is too funny that both of the grandkids have blonde hair. I never thought about that...if Jackson didn't look so much like Josh and Alexis didn't look so much like Melissa, I'd serisouly question where they came from!!haha just kidding!!

darcie said...

he really is a little boy now. jackson, stop being so cute.