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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful for the little things.

I just gave Jackson a smarties because he went poopy in the the toilet. As I walked away I could here him blessing his candy... I peaked back around the corner and he was on his knees telling Heavenly Father he was thankful for his candy and to bless it. It was the cutest & sweetest thing ever!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween with the little Monkey

I know it has been FOREVER since we have written. I have been consumed by work, moving and facebook! My friend Katie Weber said it perfectly, "Facebook killed the family blog." I will try and be better. One thing that drives me CRAZY about blogger is the upload function for pictures!!! 80% of the time it won't upload my pictures and it drives me crazy you can only upload a few at a time. I love how facebook will allow several pictures to be uploaded at once. I do like how blogger keeps high quality images and I'm allowed to store everything on my server...

Anyways enough complaining. Here is cute Jack attack. He LOVED Halloween!!! Last year he did not understand it at all, but this year he was running door to door and saying "trick or tweet" It didn't sound like treat :) Then after about the 8th house Jackson got tired and let his little cousins and the people at the door do all the work for him. Jackson stayed in the stroller while Parker or Aimee went and got the candy for him and brought it back and put it in his bucket :) Towards the end of the night Jackson regained his strength and walked to a couple of more houses. When we got home some kids knocked on the door and Jackson took candy from them!!!! It was hilarious. I've never seen anyone take candy from a trick-or-treaters bucket :) That's my son and we love him to pieces!