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Friday, November 18, 2011

Jonas is watching

We are having our first big snow storm right now! Jackson, Joe and I ran an opened the windows. It's a beautiful sight to see. All 3 pairs of our eyes are staring out the window in amazement. Truly a gorgeous sight to see. I said to Jackson, "Isn't Heavenly Father amazing?" Jackson said, "Yeah mom...I wish Jonas was here...well Jonas is here, he can see us we just can't see him, so not fair!" It made me chuckle and then tear up, but in a happy way. It's neat for Jackson to remember his brother is still with us. What a great perspective. I know I get wrapped up in my emotions of Jonas dying, but his spirit is alive and we will SEE him again!

Joe chillin in the excersaucer while I take pictures of crazy Jack and Copper in the snow. By the way this kid drools like a Saint Bernard :)

I know it's 9pm at night and my kids should be in bed, but this snow is too exciting! Can you tell we're from Los Angeles :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011