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Friday, December 18, 2009

Jack's Creation

I built the support beams, Jack did the rest! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this age. Jack is so excited about everything!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jack's sweet heart

I watched Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas tonight with Jack. During the Mickey/Pluto story I looked over and saw Jackson crying :( He was so sad Mickey and Pluto got into a fight and then got separated. Jackson really thought they were not going to find each other again. I reassured Jackson they would find each other again and when they did Jackson was so happy. Jack still has the sniffles from crying so hard, what a sweet boy.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Clark Planetrium

We then went to Mars :)

Jackson was fascinated with this Ball contraption. He watched it for 20 minutes!

Christmas Tree

We picked up our Christmas tree and it smells wonderful! Jackson had a blast being chased through all the trees.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jack cruises on his bike now!

Thank you IN-N-OUT for coming to Utah!

We are SO happy IN-N-OUT is here! We have eaten there 5 times since they open :)

Everett & Jack. These two are adorable together

We are so blessed to have great friends near by. I can't believe how great the weather is the first day of December!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful for the little things.

I just gave Jackson a smarties because he went poopy in the the toilet. As I walked away I could here him blessing his candy... I peaked back around the corner and he was on his knees telling Heavenly Father he was thankful for his candy and to bless it. It was the cutest & sweetest thing ever!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween with the little Monkey

I know it has been FOREVER since we have written. I have been consumed by work, moving and facebook! My friend Katie Weber said it perfectly, "Facebook killed the family blog." I will try and be better. One thing that drives me CRAZY about blogger is the upload function for pictures!!! 80% of the time it won't upload my pictures and it drives me crazy you can only upload a few at a time. I love how facebook will allow several pictures to be uploaded at once. I do like how blogger keeps high quality images and I'm allowed to store everything on my server...

Anyways enough complaining. Here is cute Jack attack. He LOVED Halloween!!! Last year he did not understand it at all, but this year he was running door to door and saying "trick or tweet" It didn't sound like treat :) Then after about the 8th house Jackson got tired and let his little cousins and the people at the door do all the work for him. Jackson stayed in the stroller while Parker or Aimee went and got the candy for him and brought it back and put it in his bucket :) Towards the end of the night Jackson regained his strength and walked to a couple of more houses. When we got home some kids knocked on the door and Jackson took candy from them!!!! It was hilarious. I've never seen anyone take candy from a trick-or-treaters bucket :) That's my son and we love him to pieces!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack & Aimee!

It's fun that Jackson and Aimee's birthdays are so close together. We had a lot of fun this year. Jackson loves cars and musical instruments. I think Jack was inspired to be a rockstar by Phineas & Ferb :) As you can see Josh and Jackson get into all sorts of mischeif when I am not looking! I found them on top of the banister in the family room!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun Times in June!

We were so blessed to be able to hang out with Grandma & Megan in June!!! We HAD so much fun. Jackson loves Megan so much and you can tell they have a blast together!

I love this picture! Josh use to play with the same type of Tonka truck when he was Jackson's age.

HillTop Records is great for our American Songwriters

It has been a great month celebrating the birth of our country. I have had the pleasure of working with HillTop Records for sometime and I have been so impressed with the talented American Songwriters we have out there! HillTop Records is so cool because it give Americans the opportunity to write their own music!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Loving the weather & Jackson thinks he is ready to drive

Jackson seriously will play in the car all day if we will let him. He is so cute, he will sit in the drivers seat and make car noises. We pretend we are driving to many different places like to the moon, to see Alexis, Mel & Steve, to see Megan, Grandma & Grandpa, to find Nemo, etc. :)

My friend from church recommended I get a life jacket for Jackson to use in the pool instead of one of those inner tube things. So we did and Jackson LOVED it!!! We played in the pool for hours on Friday and he was swimming all over the place by himself. When we arrived home Jackson said, "Mommy I'm tired I want to go to bed." I said, "Ok sit here on the couch and I will got get your PJ's." By the time I came back downstairs with Jackson's PJ's he was already asleep! It was 6:45pm and he woke up the next morning at 10:30am. We really wore him out! Jackson is such a cool kid. He really is fearless and loves trying new things.

There was a carnival by our house last week and Jackson said he wanted to go on a ride. I love amusement parks so I was down for going on any ride. I thought for sure Jackson would want to go ride the little boats or the little kid airplanes, but he said he wanted to go on the big ride. When I realized which one he was talking about, I asked him 10 times are you sure you want to go on THAT one. He told me yes every time and I said ok... I went and bought some tickets. The ride is like those ones on the ground that spin so fast that if you are on the outside you get smashed...except this one goes in the air!! I can't believe they would even allow a 2 year old to go on the ride, but they said it was safe. So we sat down and I looked at Jackson and said, "Are you sure about this Jack?" Jackson said, "Yep Mom, no worries." So the ride started and we went up into the air and Jackson looked at me and said, "WOO HOO MOMMY!!!!" He laughed the whole time and loved every minute of it. He kept saying, "We're Flying!!!" Jackson may not look a lot like me, but he definitley loves rides like his mommy :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hiking Family!

It has been so fun to live so close to the mountains. Our little guy Jackson is not only a climber, but he can hike up to 3.1 miles so far! We have been going up to the mountains the last few weeks, it has been so much fun!