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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Loving the weather & Jackson thinks he is ready to drive

Jackson seriously will play in the car all day if we will let him. He is so cute, he will sit in the drivers seat and make car noises. We pretend we are driving to many different places like to the moon, to see Alexis, Mel & Steve, to see Megan, Grandma & Grandpa, to find Nemo, etc. :)

My friend from church recommended I get a life jacket for Jackson to use in the pool instead of one of those inner tube things. So we did and Jackson LOVED it!!! We played in the pool for hours on Friday and he was swimming all over the place by himself. When we arrived home Jackson said, "Mommy I'm tired I want to go to bed." I said, "Ok sit here on the couch and I will got get your PJ's." By the time I came back downstairs with Jackson's PJ's he was already asleep! It was 6:45pm and he woke up the next morning at 10:30am. We really wore him out! Jackson is such a cool kid. He really is fearless and loves trying new things.

There was a carnival by our house last week and Jackson said he wanted to go on a ride. I love amusement parks so I was down for going on any ride. I thought for sure Jackson would want to go ride the little boats or the little kid airplanes, but he said he wanted to go on the big ride. When I realized which one he was talking about, I asked him 10 times are you sure you want to go on THAT one. He told me yes every time and I said ok... I went and bought some tickets. The ride is like those ones on the ground that spin so fast that if you are on the outside you get smashed...except this one goes in the air!! I can't believe they would even allow a 2 year old to go on the ride, but they said it was safe. So we sat down and I looked at Jackson and said, "Are you sure about this Jack?" Jackson said, "Yep Mom, no worries." So the ride started and we went up into the air and Jackson looked at me and said, "WOO HOO MOMMY!!!!" He laughed the whole time and loved every minute of it. He kept saying, "We're Flying!!!" Jackson may not look a lot like me, but he definitley loves rides like his mommy :)


Brasher's said...

Hey josh, thanks for letting Amber know that I am trying to contact her:)

katie Iroz said...

fig!!!!! What are you doing tomorrow??? I'm going to be in slc and would love to stop by andsee you if possible! I miss you so much! Please email me and let me know! Love you lots!! Katie. Kathryniroz@gmail.com

Tyler said...

Jackson = cutest.kid.ever. He sounds pretty cool too. I can't wait to meet him and see you again. (Lindsay)

Cardwell said...

What a stud! Caden is the same way with water - fearless!

I hope you guys are enjoying the summer! We need to get our boys together again soon!