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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mother's Day, Bowling and Flan!

I've been slacking on posting. So first of all I bowled another perfect wii game! I know, I am such a dork.

2nd of all Josh made delicious homemade flan in adorable heart shapes. Josh seriously is the most amazing cook. One of his secret weapons his homemade marinade. He makes killer salsa, steak, bread, etc. In the picture below he bought some fresh Tilapia (a fish he loved to eat in the Philippines) and stuffed it with his salsa and barbecued it! Yummie!!


Becca said...

I had no idea that Josh was so talented... Oh, wait. Never mind I remember.

Very gourmet, but there is a problem. The skin is still on the fish!

Ashley said...

Wow, i'm impressed Josh! Sean loves flan but I never want to get it because I think it's too slimy. But those hearts look yummy to me. Jackson looks so cute in those pics. That first pic didn't even look like him. He's growing up so fast!

L&T said...

Jen you are such an amazing person. I miss you. How are you? How's life? Life is good in Boston. We are planning a trip to CA this summer. I cannot wait to see my fam. I love your pics. You rock at the Wii! Congrats on your perfect scores! I seriously think Jackson is one of the cutest kids I've ever seen. He is such a good looking kid and he seems so happy! I miss you. Come to Boston and visit....where are you living in CA? Love you. -L

L&T said...

Jen, Thank you for your sweet words. You are so thoughtful. I am in Redlands until Thursday and then Tyler and I will be back on the 4th until the 12th in July. I would love to meet up with you. I love you and hope all is well.

darcie said...

get out of here!!! dang josh.

Kimberchap said...

Hey Jen!! Found your blog through my dad's. Wow Jackson is adorable! Hope you guys are doing well. I'll have to try and keep up with you here. :)