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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Events!

As you can tell we have been busy, sorry for the lack of posts. Jackson was presently surprised on Christmas morning to see presents under the tree.

We had so much fun hanging out with Bob & Elaine's family! We went sledding right by their house. It was Jackson's first time. Jackson didn't like going down the hills by himself, but he loved going with Jaron! Jackson and Jaron are best buds, it's super cool.

This was cute little Jax's first Christmas.

Josh and I made our very first Apple pie from scratch! We of course got the recipe from the Food Nanny! It is now a tradition!

Jackson licked every cookie to make sure it passed the taste quality test!

We picked up the cutest Christmas Tree this year. We were lucky to have a Christmas Tree Lot close by our house. So we walked to the lot, ran around looking at the trees and then found the perfect one. Josh then carried the tree all the way back to our house. It was a little over a half mile!

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Kristen and Sean Miner said...

Your little boy is looking cuter and cuter everyday.