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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Ok we have been seriously blessed. We moved into our new ward a few weeks ago. On the very first night we moved into our town home, one of the nice guys from our new ward came to help us move. When he showed up to our house he said, "Here are some cookies that my wife made for you." Not only is that SUPER nice, but the cookies were awesome!

When we met Chris' wife Lizi, I told her, "You have to give us the recipe to those cookies!" She then introduced us to something that changed our lives--with regards to food. :) Her Mom Liz Edmunds just came out with this new cookbook called The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner. It's really SO much more than a cookbook. Josh and I wanted to wait a few weeks before we commented on the book, to make sure that it really works. The book is awesome. It has helped us save money, plan out our meals (which has ALWAYS been a super big struggle for us) and most importantly make rockin, fabulous tasting food to the point where we like our food more than eating out!!!

Here is a link to a sample of the cookbook. I promise Mel, I will send a copy of this cookbook to you!

Josh and I made our very first All American Apple Pie on Christmas Eve, it is also in the sample cookbook. We have made the 3 bean chile that is delcious beyond belief, and guess what Josh and I HATE chile!!! Well we can't say that anymore. We have made so many amazing things from scratch like buttermilk cornbread, whole wheat pancakes, risotto, crunchy parmasean chicken and they have all turned out perfectly.

So please check out this book!

P.S. I have lost 2.5 pounds since I started using this cookbook!


Jen VanderLinden said...

Jen, where do you get the book?

Laura said...

I am going to have to get this book

darcie said...

i'm very very intrigued.

Leith said...

No Way!!! Okay, so a couple of months ago I was approached by KBYU to produce a cooking show for them, based on this cookbook with the author as the host. Sadly I had to turn it down - which I still cry about in the shower. I'm going to have to pick up a copy. Mack and I are trying to get healthy this year.

Laurie said...

Lizzie (sp?) is my visiting teacher, and she's brought us delicious treats from the cookbook. I'm a slacker for not buying it yet!