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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving and Our New Place

We have been very blessed to spend 2 Thanksgivings now with Bob, Elaine & their family and have super yummy dessert with John, Valene and their new little Peanut (Ammon). We started a new tradition this year when it comes to pie time. We will have some random dish to go with the pies. This year was the corn dog. It was quite delightful to eat something sweet and then take a bite of corn dog :)

The pictures at the bottom our new place.

Oh yeah, our son Jackson is a superstar at air hockey!! Holy Cow I was so shocked, he really puts up some great competition. This kid has reflexes like no other 2 year old I have ever seen. Jackson and I played a game together four about 15 minutes straight. He then of course wanted to do his victory dance on the table.

Jackson and his super cool buddy Jaron

The break dancing, victory dance!

Jaron, Brooke, Taylor, Josh, Elaine, Bob & John

Yeah the Peanut!!

Yum Corn Dogs & Pie

New Place...

Thanks Carter for the sweet chair from Ikea!


Amy Sue said...

Love the new place! Glad things are going well for you! Been thinking about you since you moved. Give Jackson a hug for me. He sure is a cute kid!

darcie said...

sooooo...where is this new abode?

Em said...

Your new home looks awfully cute! Glad you survived another move.

Mel said...

I love your new home! A welcomed change, I'm sure, from your OLD place!

bballisbob said...

Sweet digs. Fun party too. Love the shot of the corn dog. John thought it was a joke until we made him actually warm them up. :) Thanks for the fun time.

Hazen said...

I see you missed your uber-long staircase from Canyon Meadows. The new place looks nice. We miss you guys.

Brittney Paul said...

your new house is beautiful! so glad you guys are all settled. miss having you closer, though!!

BRASHER'S said...

I stopped by and say HI to Bishop Webb. He wanted me to tell you Hello.

Chris Brasher