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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Easter pics...finally

I took these pictures with my mother-in-law's camera and she has been out of state, so sorry for the late post. Jackson had so much fun looking for the eggs as soon as he found out there was candy inside! Isn't Jackson's little cousin Charlotte adorable?!? It was great to spend time with family.


Em said...

What a handsome little boy he's turning into!

Steven Enfield said...

When are you going to call me? I also have a blog or two. www.senfieldfamily.blogspot.com and www.reellineproductions.blogspot.com.

The Linton Family said...

Hey jen and Josh!!
Love the easter picks... so cute!!!
Sorry it took so long to get back to you with my blog. Here it is
Hope all is well with your family
Lots of love, cousin kelly

Nick and Kirsten said...

jen, he's getting so big! and how fun to have a cousin. andrew is jealous. actually...i'm the one who's jealous. (i can't wait for his cousins to get bigger, so they can play) anyway, hope all is well. come visit!

Adam and Darcie said...

nooo! jackson is so big. i was looking at his newborn pics and he was one of the cutest newborns i've seen. i'm in love with newborns right now though. :)