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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Copper is laying in Joe's lap :)

Copper is laying in Joe's lap :)

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Anne said...

Hello Jen.
I'm norwgian, but I hope you understand my english.
Tonight I was watching your episode on "secretely pregnant". I have cried and cried. When you told about your baby Jonas in the beginning I could not stop cry. What you said about leaving the hospital without your baby. The last push, the silence, the feeling of guilt. I felt your pain. I lost my boy too, he was stillborn 3 weeks before due time. I got pregnant 5 months after, but I kept it secretely til I was 16 weeks. Afraid the same thing would happen again.. Watching you on tv, was like watching someone telling just what I feel inside of me. I am now 22 weeks, still terrified of loosing.. It was so good to see you give birth again, and hear the crying, it really gave me hope. I was thinking that I had to try to find you somewhere on the internet and tell you that your story about Jonas was really touching. The pain inside of us will always be there. Every day I think of our son, what it would be like if he was here, I try to imagine how he would look like.. It just hurts not to know. I hope you are okey. I just had to contact you and tell you that your story really touched me.