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Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Bliss

April has been a beautiful and fun month. One day the weather is perfect and the next day it will snow. Either way we have been playing outside. Jackson has been falling asleep on our walks.

Jackson loves his new wheels! We love craigslist for finding second hand toys!

Here's El Guapo. I say this is Jackson's version of the "Edward Cullen" stare.

We had a BLAST coloring eggs. I kept telling Jackson be soft when you put the egg in the bowl and he would drop it like an atom bomb! I couldn't help but laugh. All of the eggs cracked, but they were still delicious! Jackson LOVES eggs and so do I. However we are not huge fans of the tute smell you get from hard boiled eggs :)

This is Bentley!!! This is Jon & Laura's adorable little boy. He is only 2 days on in this picture. He is such a cute little guy and a great baby!


Lindsay said...

Jackson is seriously one of the most beautiful kids I have ever seen. I was just thinking about you Jen and wanted to stop by and say hi!

Kristen and Sean Miner said...

I love the Edward face. And Jackson is so, so cute!

Becca said...

WHAT?! You are back in Utah? I was a bit confused about the snow in LA???