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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Stars

So when you live in the heart of LA you think you might see some stars? Well for us that is correct!

Remember this kid from Sandlot?!? Jackson and I said hi to him at the mall.

Josh met Neal Boyd while working in the Universal Hilton. He hadn't won the contest yet, but Josh thanked him for doing such a great job.

Jackson and I met Holly Hunter at the outdoor Americana mall. She had a huge hat on her head and sunglasses on. Jackson ran in front of this trolley and from Holly Hunter's angle it looked like it could be a serious accident, but he was actually about 15 feet from the trolley. Holly quickly ran out to save Jackson and her hat and sunglasses came off. I met her in the middle as we were coming from different sides to stop Jackson from being hit. It was really nice of her to drop all her shopping bags to try and save Jackson. I think she might have thought I was a bad mom to let Jackson bolt out in front of trolley, but I did thank her greatly for her help. I also pointed out to Jackson that Elastigirl just saved his life :)

Well I think Jackson and I saw Sayid driving down our street. If it wasn't him, than it was a MAJOR look alike. He did smile at me. I asked a few neighbors if they have seen him before and they say he likes to eat at the restaurants in our neighborhood. So I'm saying it was him :)

The best for last....

Ok so Jackson was invited to his little friend Charlotte's birthday party at Griffith Park. When we got to the party Jackson noticed another birthday party off in the distance with a bouncer. Jackson tried with all his might to get in that bouncer! Of course Josh and I kept distracting him. Josh and I turned our heads to say hi to another birthday guest and then all of sudden when we turn around we saw Jackson inside of the bouncer!!!! So I quickly ran over there and attempted to get Jackson out. I hear a voice behind me say, "It's ok let him stay in there." I turn around to say thank you and guess who it was?!? Jack Black. I have seen many stars in my lifetime, but I have never been star struck. I could barely talk the first few seconds because I was so shocked. Then I came to my senses. Jack Black said he watched Jackson sneak his way into the bouncer. He said, "It was totally stealth, your son knew the perfect moment to run as fast as he could when he knew you had looked away." I laughed and told him again I could really take Jackson out and Jack Black said, "It's really ok, your son has the cute pass, seriously that is the cutest boy I have ever seen!" I took that as a huge compliment since he was holding his little boy. I got to touch his 3 month old son with neon green leg warmers on :) We talked for a little longer and found out the birthday party was for his wife. I then asked if he wanted me to take off Jackson's shoes and Jack Black said, "Nah, it's a rental." So after Jackson played in the bouncer we headed back over to the party we were suppose to be at. I bit my tongue to not tell anyone, because I didn't want people bugging Jack Black. I know he was grateful for that because he smiled at me and he knew I hadn't said a word. He was SUPER cool.

UPDATE- We saw Amy Ryan from the Office at Disneyland! This was a good catch by Josh, he spotted her quickly walking by next to Tom Sawyer's Island.


Bryce said...

Now those are some good stories. I think your Jack Black tops our Marie Osmond telling my wife she must be pregnant (while doing sealings in the Timp Temple). That's so funny.

Ashley said...

WOW!!! Jack Black does seem like a totally cool guy and as normal as a star can get.

I am too shy of a person in general, and don't want to bug people that a star would make me want to hide in a corner.

Becca said...

Oh, not fair. First of all, I don't even know half of those stars, so I am really impressed. Second, you and Jackson and Jack Black rock! Way to play it cool.

darcie said...

oh my gosh. i am totally speechless. speechless!!! did you just pretend like you didn't know who he was (jack black)? obviously he could tell you did but was anything said about the fact? amazing.

Leith said...

No WAY!!!!!!!! Next time I see you I'm going to touch you and then never wash my hand again.

The Foote Family said...

Hi Jen and Josh! This is Katie (Davis) Foote and I just found your blog through Mel's. This post was pretty fun to read about! Now Jackson has some bragging rights when he gets older. He'll be able to tell people when he gets older that he snuck in to Jack Black's party as a little boy and that Jack Black called him the cutest boy he'd ever seen. Write it in the baby book. haha. That is pretty cool. Well, glad to see you guys are doing well. I'm going to add you to our blog list to stay in touch. Take care!