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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Having Fun at The Beach!

This is Jackson's very first trip to the Beach. We had so much fun. We went and stayed at Carter's house in Huntington Beach. We walked from Carter's home to the beach! It was so lovely. Jackson could have played at the beach all day if we let him. We will definitely be visiting Uncle Carter's home often. If you are wondering what is on Jackson's nose, it is a battle wound from the asphalt outside. Jack tripped over Sady the dog and landed face first into the ground :( He's a tough little guy though, he barely cried.

This is Jack after we came back from the beach, he was so relaxed and it was hard to wake him up.


Becca said...

Yeay! It is definitely getting warmer for the beach. Hee hee hee, Utah.

BTW - nice tan, Josh!

L&T said...

I seriously think you have to be the best mom ever!

L&T said...

PS. How do you know Ivan? He was one of my zone leaders in England.

Em said...

holy moly he's gotten big! I just realized that you actually publish a feed, so I'll be back often.