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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Holy Cow

Haven't written forever! Had a blast in CA for several weeks. I was away from the computer, which was nice because I work on a computer all day. I did take several pictures over the holidays and put them on our laptop. Then something horrible happened. The hard drive went bad and we lost all pictures from the holidays. Luckily I back up our pictures frequently to cd, so we didn't loose everything, just the last month :( We did download some software from the web to help recover files from a corrupt hard drive. I'll let you know what happens.

We got back to Utah the day before my birthday. I turned 27 this year!! I had a wonderful birthday hanging out with Carter, Megan, Jackson and my wonderful husband Josh. We had awesome brick oven pizza and watched American Gladiators!!

Ok we are moving to CA in a few days!! Hence we've been packing like crazy. Lots of exciting things going on that I'll have to find another time to write about!

Much Love...Here are some pictures I do have.

Alexis and Jack Mesmerized by the wiggles.

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L&T said...

You are moving to CA? Wow! Where are you moving to? How are you? How's life?