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Sunday, December 16, 2007

SNOW!! and delightful Christmas Decorations

It has been so beautiful around Provo lately. It has snowed so much already compared to the last few years. Jackson looks out the window and says, "sooooow, soooow,..." It's so cute. He may not like to touch the snow, but he sure loves watching it fall from the sky. We have the Christmas tree all set up (pictures coming soon). We love the smell of a fresh noble fir in the house. I got a killer deal on a little christmas village this past summer on Cragslist so I had to put a picture. And of course there is a picture of our most beautiful olive wood nativity. We are so excited to spend time with family next week!! Nothing else too new. We spend most of nights with all the lights off in the house except for the Christmas tree lights and we dance around to Christmas music. Happy Holidays to all.
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